Line Dance Instructor Courses

Beginner Line Dance Instructor - Level 1 - £70

In conjunction with choreographer and instructor Hayley Wheatley we have created an instructor course designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to set up and run your very own, legally compliant line dance class. One of the founding aims of the ELD Association is to help improve and maintain a high industry standard in line dance, our instructor course is part of this, ensuring that all instructors who take it are given the same information and, knowing that with the ELD stamp of approval, they will be teaching to the best of their ability in a professional manner. The course content is delivered online allowing you to take the course at your own pace, and when you are confident that you understand the details behind running a class and how to teach, there is a short question and answer assessment after which you will be required to send us a video of you teaching and then counting in and dancing an approved script.

What you will learn

> How to prepare for running a class, including:
the legal requirements, basic marketing, basic equipment use & basic health & safety

>How to teach a class, including:
understanding basic fitness, understanding contraindications, finding a suitable class format, finding a teaching method that works for you, amending dances and taking stock of your class.

>Basic line dance knowledge, including:
dance terminology and scripts, foot positions and how to describe steps, basic dance floor etiquette

Example content

Pass criteria and course requirements

Please note this course is NOT designed to teach you to line dance, you will need to be a competent line dancer to take the course.

To pass the course you will need to complete a short question and answer section and then submit 2 videos, one of you teaching the approved line dance and the other as if in a class situation dancing and counting the dance through.

The cost of the course is only £70! Once you are officially accredited you will be eligible to apply for our insurance membership package, which covers you to run your class and all your social events. More information on our insurance package can be found HERE


To apply for the Beginner Line Dance Instructor Course – Level 1 please send an email to stating your full name, address, how long you have been line dancing for and whether you currently teach a class. We will reply with payment details and information on taking this course.



The Improver Line Dance Instructor Level 2 course – COMING SOON


I thought the course was really good, well presented and with some good tips. It’s an excellent idea to have a course that can be done online at times that suit each individual.

Anne L – April 2023 – Level 1 course


The whole process was excellent, from the communication / correspondence relating to the course, and the course itself.  The information within the course was very informative and easily understood and I thought the videos really enhanced the course content.  I am very proud to be an ELDA Accredited Line Dance Instructor – Level 1 and may well be interested in taking the level 2 course when it becomes available.

Jackie W – April 2023 – Level 1 course

The course was easy to access and really comprehensive.


Sue T – April 2023 – Level 1 course